If you’re anything like me, you spend time over the holidays making lists of resolutions and goals of things you’d like to achieve for the upcoming year. The areas I typically focus on are my health, finances, happiness, and home. I know home resolutions are not a common thing for people to focus on, so I thought I would share a bit more about how I do this.  

burlington foyer with black and white tile floor, wood sideboard, with white lamp and eucalyptus on top

Making A List 

I like to make a list of things that I would like to do around my home to improve the quality of life for my family and me. Basically, I think of all the things that bother me and areas that need a special touch and then create one big “brain dump” list to get all of my thoughts out onto paper. Items on this list can range from big things like “renovate the kitchen” to “get a kleenex box cover to hide ugly boxes” (I have THIS ONE and adore it) and everything in between.

Categorize The List 

Then I like to categorize my list by room and by listing things from small to large. Breaking things down per room helps me to focus on one room at a time to hopefully get a room completely finished before moving onto the next one (if budget allows). It’s nice to complete one room at a time because it’s totally done; I can check it off of my list and enjoy it. It feels better for me rather than having a bunch of bits that I need to do in every room. If there is not enough room in the budget to fully complete a room, I will go ahead and tackle the smaller things on my list for a few rooms because I like to see improvements. You’ll have to categorize your list in a way that works well for you.

Consider Overall Budget & Prioritize

I then like to look at what I want o to accomplish and consider the funds required to make it happen to know if it’s realistic. Quick wins are important so that I can feel like I’m making impactful changes, so if there is a room that requires small changes, I typically prioritize those rooms first. Foyers, kitchens, and bathrooms are usually great rooms to start with if you don’t need a renovation because they’re small and usually don’t require big purchases to complete. 

Track Your Progress

Like any goal that you work towards, it’s always helpful to track your progress, so I keep a checklist going throughout the year to see how well I am doing. It feels so good to see areas of my home improve to help my family and I enjoy the space more. Life becomes easier when your home functions well, and being home feels better when you’re happy with how things look, which is even more important now with the pandemic.    

My House Resolutions List

The rooms in my home that are totally complete are my foyer (seen in the photo above), kitchen, bathroom, and Spencer’s bedroom. The rooms I need to work on are my living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Here is my list of what decorating I hope to accomplish in 2021…

Living Room: New sofa, two new armchairs

Dining Room: Artwork for a large wall (I cannot decide if I’ll get one large piece from HERE or if I’ll slowly curate smaller pieces to create a gallery wall)

Master Bedroom: New armchair, refinish existing leaner mirror or buy new, two new side table lamps, artwork for above bed

I also have a list of organizing that I need to tackle so that my home will function better, and they are…

Kitchen: Decant spices into new spice jars (I just ordered THESE jars), get pretty spice jar labels (I love THESE labels), organize the pantry and put backstock elsewhere.  

Basement: Put shelves at the top of the stairs for pantry backstock items, clear out unwanted items, reorganize what we’re keeping (I love using large clear bins like THESE and smaller ones like THESE so that we can see what is inside), create a system for Chris’s tool area.

We’re also in the middle of getting a new garage design approved by the city, so we’ll hopefully start building that this year as well. If it’s completed quickly, we’ll likely build a deck, and I’ll want to furnish and decorate that and start to landscape. These outdoor items are in the back of my mind but not a priority for me this year. When the garage is built, I’ll see where we’re at, but we’ll most likely make furnishing the deck and landscaping a priority for next year.  

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New Year’s House Resolutions


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