Carefree days, magical places, and lasting memories with your favourite people? These can only mean one thing… travelling! 

But what if those happy, refreshed feelings didn’t stop when the wheels hit the tarmac? What if you could bring them with you, letting them inspire holiday-esque joy right there at home? You guessed it — this week, I will show you how to do just that. 

Here are my best tips for travel-inspired design touches at home, along with a few of my favourite destinations around the world! I suspect you’ll want to bookmark this one. 😉

European architecture

1. Let Luxury Hotel Amenities Inspire a Sensory Experience

There is something so special about boutique hotels and their luxury amenities. Items like candles, glassware, bedding, and lotions may seem small, but each element is designed to work together to create the most relaxing experience intentionally. Fortunately, they are also small enough for travel, creating a sensory experience that recreates your bliss at home. 

When we stayed at the Aman Resort in Canyon Point, Utah, I was obsessed with their candle fragrance, buttery soft and hydrating skin treatments, and the luxurious bedding that produced the best night’s sleep. While I couldn’t bring the entire spa home, I took note of what I loved and asked the hotel where I could purchase those items. You can do the same!

2. Select Memory-Filled, Beautiful & Local Art

Ready to invest in original art for your home? Travel is the perfect time to do this. Whether it’s a stunning photograph, detailed painting, or unique mixed media sculpture, local art is the perfect way to tell a story in your home while reminding yourself of a memorable experience. The best part? You’re supporting a hard-working creative and encouraging them to continue using their incredible talents. Win, win!

One of the most inspiring and lively places I’ve visited has been The Soho Grand in NYC. Staying in the center of it all gave me endless opportunities to stroll through the surrounding boutiques and discover some of the coolest local artists.

3. Let Culture Inspire New Traditions at Home

Nothing beats immersing yourself in new cultures and traditions. There is something so inspiring about seeing a different way of life, gaining perspective, and having the ability to choose how you want to live yours. For example, travelling to Grace Bay Club in Turks and Caicos inspired me to infuse some of the welcoming togetherness of Caribbean culture into our everyday routine, especially while entertaining guests

My approach to entertaining may look different from Caribbean life. Still, I’m embracing a deeper spirit of hospitality, which makes me want to do the little things to welcome guests, such as adding a pretty glass bottle of water to the table, so guests can refill drinks without leaving the conversation. It feels just as special.

4. Take Notes on Striking Combinations

Luxury hotels always do an incredible job of mixing textures and materials within a space, and this is inspiration worth bringing into your own home. For example, when entering The Ambassador in Chicago, I was immediately exposed to sheer elegance: grand chandeliers, custom millwork, mixed textiles, and soft arches. Yes, please.

Many people find it difficult to mix and match different materials and textures, and even designers will use these stunning settings to inspire their own work. If you come across scenes that make your heart happy, take a picture. Then, use the composition as a guide or share them with your designer before your renovation or home furnishing project.

5. Be Inspired by Bold Colour and Patterns

Colour provides a personal and fresh way to add life to our homes, but it has to be authentic to keep from being tacky. The Parker in Palm Springs is a great example of fun colours (seriously, check it out – It’s one of my favourite places to visit!) that create an intriguing yet relaxed atmosphere. While very fitting for Palm Springs, the bright colours may not be the best fit for Canadian homes year-round. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use it to inspire us to be bold, right?

While travelling, pay close attention to how each colour relates. Like texture and materials, mixing the proper colour variations is key to creating a cohesive and well-put-together space. And don’t forget to combine fun patterns into your design for eye-catching detail!

6. Shop the local spots

I always try to shop cute local spots while travelling. I’ve found the best spots to do this for home decor items are in the older parts of town.  Older places have such charm and usually, so do the shops.  I have a few things throughout my home from my travels that make me smile, like a teapot and throw blanket I picked up while in Notting Hill in London, England and art in my bathroom from a street artist in the old town of Rethymno, Greece.

So, while travelling, I highly encourage you to grab a coffee, take a stroll, and pick up a few things that bring you joy – They’ll bring you just as much joy at home too, I promise!

Ready to Create Your Travel-Inspired Home?

Travel has the beautiful ability to refresh, transform, and inspire us in a brand-new way. Making those sensory experiences a part of daily living? (Filled with all the functionality your family needs, of course.) Easier than you think. Reach out to us here to discuss your home project, share your goals, and see if we’re the right fit for you.

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My Best Tips for a Travel-Inspired Home


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