It’s back to school season (whatever that means for you these days), so I’ve got kiddos on my mind, and I thought it would be a great time to write about how to make your home kid-friendly while still having it look super stylish. Not a mom? Not a problem – These tips are just as helpful for ladies with messy partners and pets too.

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Spill-Proof Fabrics

You may have seen me speak about spill-proof fabrics before, and if not, be sure to watch THIS VIDEO to see the magical spill test in action. These spill-proof Crypton fabrics are a great addition to any home because it allows your family to truly live in the space without having to ever worry about spills.  

Washable Pillows + Cushions

It’s always good to have the option to wash your cushions and decorative throw pillows, so be sure that the covers are made with zippers, so you can easily remove them to clean. Always follow care instructions, as each fabric is different. Home decor fabrics are often labelled as dry clean only, so if tossing them in the wash is important to you, be sure to look for washable fabrics.

Invest In Quality 

Invest in quality furniture pieces, especially those frequently used, such as your primary sofa or daily dining chairs. If the construction and fabric of a piece are great quality, it will last for many years to come, even with horseplay. Opt for clean lines to give a sophisticated look and heavy-duty fabrics that will wear well for outstanding durability. This same tip goes for rugs. Like with anything else, you often get what you pay for, so investing in quality at the beginning will ensure your items will last. 

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