Styling shelves can be tricky, I know. Honestly, it just takes trial and error to get it right. There are some great tips and tricks to make the process easier, and today I’m going to share mine with you. So, if you plan to style your shelves or need to make some adjustments to something you’ve already done but not sure what, you’re sure to find this post super helpful! Here are my five tips for styling shelves beautifully…

Beautifully styled shelves layered with baskets, books, photos, art, plants and gold decorative objets

Get Too Many Things 

I’m starting with the best tip first here – This will make your life soooo much easier. The first step is to gather all of your items, and it’s always best to have too much. Styling takes some zhushing, so as you’re styling, you may find you need a little of this and a little of that. It’s always good to have too many things to swap things out to see what looks best as you are styling. Most stores have a pretty decent return policy, so you can return what you don’t use. You’re welcome. 😉   

Add Some Height

Having everything at the same height can make things look pretty dull. Layering different items such as artwork at various sizes, stacking things on top of books, adding other height vases, and stacking boxes will allow the eye to travel around more, therefore, creating some visual interest.

Incorporate softer textures

Most people tend to style their shelves with the usual – Books, pictures, and candles. The problem with this is that all of these are hard surface items, and when placed on your hard surface shelves, everything looks very… You guessed it… Hard. Adding things like textured accessories, baskets, and plants will add the softness and interest you need when styling your shelves.

Add Colour or Contrast 

If you love colour, be sure to add some, and if not, mix up your neutrals by using contrast. Having colour and contrast in items like artwork, vases, and other accessories on your shelves creates depth and interest, which is a must-have for any shelf. 

Sprinkle in a bit of Shine

Shine is something I always use and recommend when styling shelves. It doesn’t have to look “blingy” or “glam” either (unless you’re into that sort of look, then go for it). Small touches of metal (silvers, golds, or a mix of both) and glass go a long way. Shine adds another layer of unique texture that will really help your shelf styling look great.  

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How To Style Shelves Beautifully


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