I am always being asked for advice on how to style a coffee table, so this week I am sharing a few simple tips to help you get your coffee table looking beautiful.

white marble coffee table with gold tray, flowers in white pot, and marble decorative object and candle

Start With A Base

Having a bunch of objects floating around a coffee table can often look like a cluttered mess. Having items grouped together on a stack of books or a tray allows your eye to see all elements as one grouping, so it’s less busy and more impactful.  

Vary Heights

Having a few things with varying heights creates movement and interest. I like to pair higher floral arrangments or greenery with shorter decorative items like candles and objects.  

Have Contrast 

Contrast is a wonderful way to add interest to whatever you’re doing. If you have a light coloured coffee table, try adding a dark tray and then lighter items on it. This layering of light, dark, and light will make you look like a pro.  

Include Various Textures

Having natural textures such as flowers and greenery juxtaposed with smooth and shiny decorative objects is a beautiful way to add interest to your grouping. The various textures add layers and make the collection more attractive than if all elements were similar.

Add Something You Love

Do you have a favourite type of flower? A favourite scented candle? A special decorative object that you picked up on vacation or from a great local shop? Be sure to add it to your coffee table if it works with your collection of things. Having something that makes you smile right there, front and center, is a wonderful addition.  

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How To Style A Coffee Table


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