Are you tired of being home due to COVID? Do you feel like you need to do a little something to make your home more enjoyable? I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this lately, so today, I’m sharing some simple tips to help you make your home feel happier. I want these to be very achievable for anyone reading, so they’re simple, cost-effective, and will not take much time to implement.  

corner of a bedroom with a white nightstand, lamp, and pretty flower arrangement

Clear the clutter

One of the best ways to make a home feel better is to clear the visual clutter, organize, and give everything a good deep clean. You can click HERE to read a blog post I wrote about how to organize anything in your home, and click HERE for some of my favourite products for home organization and cleaning. I always feel great after I’ve tidied up and cleaned my home, so I know you will too.  

Purchase fresh flowers & greenery

You can treat yourself by supporting a small local florist and getting a beautiful arrangement, fresh flowers, or greenery delivered to your home. It’s nice to support local and even a small arrangement can add a lot of beauty to a room. The flower arrangement above is from Fiori Oakville, my favourite place to shop for flowers and greenery. Click HERE to visit their website and see all the options they have for local delivery. You can click HERE to read a blog post I wrote about my favourite ways to use flowers at home for a little inspiration.  

Light a candle 

A pleasing scent can help uplift our mood, so find a candle that you like and light it to fill your home with your favourite scent. THESE candles are lovely, and if you’re ordering one for yourself, why not order another one for a friend to help make their home a little happier too? Deliver it with a bow and a little note letting them know how much they mean to you. Talk about a great way to boost happiness – Times two!  

Listen to music 

If you subscribe to Spotify, I recommend spending a bit of time-saving some mood-boosting playlists that you like. Music is a great way to make your day feel more fun. I actually listen to upbeat music every morning while getting ready to help set a happy tone to my day. I use a speaker like THESE in the shower, and I love it!

Make chores more enjoyable

I often listen to podcasts or audiobooks while doing things around the house that I don’t love to make that time more enjoyable. I listen when I’m tidying up, doing food prep for the week, and folding laundry. I love that I’m learning something as I do these tasks, making it all a little more fun.  

Add comfort to your home

It’s winter, and it’s cold, so I suggest if you don’t have some very comfy things in your home that you get some. I love THESE throw blankets, I have one for Spencer, Chris, and myself, and we cozy up in them every day. Throw pillows are also a must for any living space to add some additional comfort and style – I’ve linked some of my favourite pillows below.   

Shop my favourite pillows


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How To Make Your Home Happier


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