I’ve been very busy with interior design consultations lately and I always like to make sure that our clients get the most from their investment, so today I’m sharing a few ways to get the most from your interior design consultation.

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Gather Inspiration

Needless to say, interior designers are visual people, so if you’re having a consultation, be sure to send some inspiration images before the meeting. Some great places to look for interior design inspiration are Houzz, Pinterest, Style At Home Magazine and House + Home Magazine. I suggest that you get pretty specific and hone down your selection of images to 5-10 spaces that you really love; that way, you and the interior designer can be on the same page. Having visuals ahead of time allows the interior designer to get a good feel for your style and gather ideas for you so that you can have a great productive meeting.

Have Your Questions Ready

I cannot tell you how many times I meet a client and don’t they have many questions… Until after we leave. While I’d be happy to follow up to answer questions later, it’s much better to have conversations about your home during the consultation. Take a few moments to jot down all of your questions ahead of time, so that the interior designer can answer everything during the consultation. It’s also handy for you to take notes as well, so have your list of questions available to write your answers and other notes as needed, so that you don’t forget any helpful tips later.

Communicate How You Live

I believe that great interior design is not just about looking pretty; it’s about making your life better too. Knowing how you want to live in the space will help an interior designer give you the best advice – Do you have kids or pets? Do you like to kick your feet up? Which entrance do you use to come and go daily? How do you spend your time? What bothers you about your home? There are lots of things to think about when planning a great space, so the interior designer should get into details about how you live in the space, offer you the best advice.

Book Your Consultation

If you need some help making your home more beautiful and functional, I would love to help you. Please email us at hello@staciedwardsdesign.com and let us know what you need help with. I’d be happy to schedule a complimentary call to discuss how I can help.  

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How To Get The Most From An Interior Design Consultation


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