Life is busy, and we may not always have the time to visit the spa (and may not want to now due to COVID), so why not bring the spa environment home, so you can enjoy feeling special every day? Having some fancy creams and soaps is a must, but tweaking the interior design and decor will really help create a spa-like bathroom, so here are a few ideas for you to create a spa-like bathroom in your own home.

spa-like bathroom with a beautiful free-standing tub, a gold tub faucet, and a decorative light above

A Statement Tub + Lighting

If you have the space to add a beautiful freestanding tub and some decorative lighting, then by all means, do. Having a statement tub and decorative lighting is not only a lovely way to add a focal point in the room, but I think it helps you to use the tub and relax more often – I mean, who would not love to relax in this tub at the end of a long day?

Add Some Luxurious Towels

Now by luxurious, I don’t mean expensive – If you read my recent blog post HERE on where to spend and where to save when decorating your home, you know that I think you should save when buying towels. Towels have a way of looking a little tired all of a sudden, so have a look at yours and assess if you need to buy some new ones. White towels and Turkish style towels always have a way of looking luxurious, even if they are affordable, so pick up a new set and enjoy.  

Incorporate Some Furniture

If you have the space to add some furniture to your bathroom, go for it. You can add a chair, bench, or a little side table next to the tub like I did in the bathroom above, which gives a beautiful layered look. It’s also a handy spot to put some beauty products and rest your book and a glass of wine while relaxing in the tub.  

Hang Some Artwork

Art is a wonderful way to elevate any space, especially a bathroom, because the walls are often ignored. Adding photos from a recent holiday, a large framed print or even an original painting are great options for adding artwork to your bathroom. Artwork adds more layers to the space and makes it feel more finished, resulting in a more polished look.

Style Your Bathroom

When decorating a bathroom, I like to add stylish accessories like little trays and containers that look lovely on the counter and handy to hold odds and ends. I also love to use flowers or plants whenever possible, yes, even in a bathroom. They are pretty to look at, add beautiful texture and a pop of colour, which all help elevate the look of a bathroom. Candles are also great to use in a bathroom because they are a perfect addition to a relaxing bath – Just add some bubbles, a book, and enjoy!

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How To Create A Spa-Like Bathroom


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