Hiring an interior designer is considered a luxury service, but it’s also an investment in your project’s success. There are so many considerations when renovating and decorating your home, so investing in working with a professional can actually save you money. Today I’m sharing some ways that working with an interior designer will save you money.

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You’ll Have A Plan In Place

Having a plan in place will not only allow you to know your total spend ahead of time. An interior designer will get to know your budget upfront and source all the items to ensure everything fits. This allows you to avoid costly surprises as you go. As they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Mapping things out ahead of time will ensure a beautiful result that is within your budget.  

You’ll Invest In The Right Product

Interior designers work through a lot of projects, so they know where to spend and where to save to get the desired outcome. Investing in the right areas and saving in others can really impact the look and overall budget. Interior designers also have access to trade-only suppliers who make quality products, so by not having to shop at big-box stores, you can be sure that the products you purchase for your home will last for years to come. 

You’ll Save With Trade Discounts

Those trade-only suppliers I mentioned above often offer interior designers discounts for their repeat business, just as they do when supplying to retailers. If the designer is willing to share their discount with you, that can result in substantial cost savings for you. Why pay retail prices when you can go direct?

You Won’t Have To Do It Over Again

This point is a big one. I speak with so many clients who completed a project on their own the first time and needed to do things over again. For example, they selected a flooring material and the colour was off, or a countertop that didn’t wear well, or a sofa that was too big for the room… The list is endless. Working with an interior designer allows you to have the right products selected for your home by a professional who does this day in and day out. You’ll also have a full presentation to see all of the items working together ahead of ordering, so you’ll see that it’s been done right before you get it into your space.  

You’ll Save Time Too

As you know, time is your most valuable asset, and typically the one thing you probably never have enough of. Working with an interior designer will save you so much time in sourcing products, managing the project, and ordering items. Working with a professional will allow you to focus on where you need to spend your time and therefore enjoy the process more.  

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How Hiring An Interior Designer Will Save You Money


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