As an interior design professional, I have often have people come to us asking what their space is missing – They’ve got it mostly together, but it’s still not quite right.  Today I’m sharing a little checklist of the top five things I think every interior must-have to get a designer look…

Living room with dark grey sofa, layered with patterned pillows, and original painted artwork above in Toronto home


If you’re not into colour, not to worry, because it doesn’t have to be a lot, or you can always use a more neutral colour, like navy.  Either way, having some colour in your interior adds interest to your space.  A few of my favourite ways to add colour is by using toss pillows, art, accessories, and fresh flowers.


Texture is a way to make your room feel layered and more complete.  You can combine textures in fabric like velvet and linen, as an example.  You can also add some more heavy textured elements like a natural fibre rug and wallpaper.  I also like to use plants to add different texture elements and another hint of colour too.


Every room should have three different types of lighting – Overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Having these multiple light sources will help to properly illuminate your room and minimize shadows. Lighting also looks beautiful.  Oh, and my pro-tip – Have all of your lighting on dimmers so you can set the mood accordingly.


It’s important to add a bit of shine to every room, or your room can look flat and lacklustre. Some elements that add shine are glass, stone, and metal.  In the living room above you’ll see we’ve added shine through the nailhead detail on the sofa and the vases on the table. You don’t need a lot of shine, a bit sprinkled throughout the room goes a long way.


If you’re not into a lot of pattern keep in mind a little goes a long way.  Adding pattern to your space is a nice way to show a bit of personality, or a lot of personality if you love lots of pattern. Great ways to add pattern is through toss pillows and area rugs.  As you can see we only have a bit of print on the pillows above and it really adds a beautiful bit of interest.

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5 Interior Designer Must-Haves for Decorating


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