I truly believe everyone should have a home that they love, and I’m so happy that we get to help our clients create more beautiful spaces every day!  What makes a home great?  I think it’s not only having spaces that are visually appealing, but also highly functional, and working with an interior designer will help you achieve exactly that.  In this blog post I’m sharing three reasons to hire an interior designer…

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Have A Plan

The earlier you can get an interior designer in on your project the better.  We’re trained to think of details a lot of homeowners and contractors don’t because we have many years of schooling behind us focusing on how spaces are used.  For example, if you’re designing a kitchen some questions you should be asked by a designer are – Are you right or left-handed?  Do you enjoy cooking, or prefer takeout?  Do you entertain a lot? Do you have children or elderly people in the home?  Do you have anything special you’d like to display?  Tell me about your morning and evening routines…. That’s right – All of this matters!  Thinking ahead and knowing how a space will be used is key to planning a room.  A well-designed space makes life easier and more beautiful.

Save You Time + Money

How many times have you painted a room and ended up not liking the colour?  Have you ever bought furniture and got it home to find it didn’t fit well in your room?  How about purchasing different throw pillows, over and over, from multiple stores, and returning them all because they’re not quite right?  Well, hiring a designer would solve all of these problems, which would, therefore, save you time and help to avoid the stress of all that running around and frustration.  Most people think of the initial investment of hiring a designer as a cost, but avoiding costly mistakes and not having to do all of that running around often makes it worth the investment. Investing in a professional to handle things for you allows you to enjoy the process.

Give It Some Wow

Having a room totally completed with the right mix of elements really does make you think “wow” as you enter!  It’s about having the right size pieces, mixing the high and the low, layering different textures, playing with contrast, prints, and colours.  A lot goes into a room to make it right, and quite often it’s hard to find all of the right things at big-box stores.  Interior designers have access to trade-only showrooms, the ability to create custom pieces and curate the right combinations of things needed for your home.  On top of having access to different things, we’ve also got years of education behind us, so naturally, we know how to design and decorate a home well.

We’d Love To Help You

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3 Reasons To Hire An Interior Designer


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